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30th Division WW1 cloth formation sign.

Rare White crest of Lord Derby embroidered on black felt disc. Removed from uniform

New Army Division Pals Bns.. Taken over by War Office August 1915, arrived in France December 1915 and remained throughout the war.

Code: 1023985

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70th (Sussex) Searchlight Regiment RA WW2 formation sign

A good rare example. Silk shield, red and blue quartered bearing six Marlets. Has been worn, removed from old album

Code: 1023984

150.00 GBP

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British Commonwealth Occupation Forces Base, Japan scarce silk embroidered formation sign

Blue rectangle bearing yellow crowned lion standing on “B.C.O.F. Base” scroll.

Code: 1023980


9th Anti Aircraft Division Embroidered WW2 Formation Sign.

Khaki rectangle embroidered with outline of black cat bearing red aeroplane and numeral "9".

Covered Cardiff and South Wales Ports

Code: 1022474

32.00 GBP

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O Force, Jordan rare printed formation sign.

A very good example, depicting a White swan printed on yellow over green fine silk square.

HQ at Aqaba (captured from the Turks in 1917 by Lawrence of Arabia).

Code: 1022628

175.00 GBP

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SF 15 WW2 Peaks Bn. Derbyshire Home Guard designation

A good two part sewn together, removed from uniform. Service wear

Commanded by Lt.Col.G.B.Hill, OBE

Code: 1023967


SY 51 WW2 Malden Bn. Surrey Home Guard designation

A good two part sewn together, removed from uniform. Service wear

Commanded by Lt.Col. N.H.H. Ralston OBE

Code: 1023966


KT 21 pair of WW2 Tonbridge Bn. Kent Home Guard designations

A good pair, each of two part sewn together, removed from uniform. Service wear

Battalion commanded by Lt. Col. E.K.B. Peck MC

Code: 1023965


WW2 24th Independent Guards Brigade pair of formation signs.

Red heraldic wing embroidered on blue rectangle. A good pair as worn, retaining press studs to the reverse. GC.

Code: 1017533

55.00 GBP

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Isle of Man interest. 515th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery formation sign

A good scarce example; yellow Arms of the Isle of Man (three legged device) embroidered on red felt shield.

Code: 1022191

65.00 GBP

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WW2 LON / 38 (County of London) Home Guard printed designation

A good two part sewn together, removed from uniform

Great Western Railway unit based at Paddington commanded by Lt.Col. GH Hemmen

Code: 1023964


Polish. 2nd Warsaw Armoured Division WW2 formation sign circa 1945.

Fine scarce grey winged armed forearm grasping sword embroidered on light brown.

Code: 1017118

35.00 GBP

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WW2 219th Independent Infantry Brigade formation sign.

Phoenix with flaming torch in its beak; painted on canvas. GC

Code: 1016221

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South-Western District formation sign.

Golden hind printed on green rectangle. Removed from a uniform. GC

Introduced in July 1953.

Code: 1017197

28.00 GBP

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WW2 4th Anti-Aircraft Division Printed 2nd pattern formation sign.

Three blue buckles printed on red inverted triangle. A little service wear.

Territorial Army Anti-Aircraft formation covering the North-Western Counties

Code: 1016470

45.00 GBP

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Indian Army. WW2 Nagpur District formation badge

Good scarce black edged red square printed with black and yellow cobra. Cotton backed.

Code: 1023963


2nd Anti-Aircraft Division WW2 1st pattern cloth formation sign.

Red witch on broomstick printed on khaki rectangle. Removed from uniform

Code: 1023399


8th Army formation sign on shoulder strap, possible worn by Polish soldier,

Good scarce khaki strap with formation sign, central cross in gold wire. One or two moth nips.

Code: 1018688

32.00 GBP

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4 Corps WW2 formation sign

Good heavily embroidered black elephant on red felt rectangle. Minor service wear

Code: 1023961

45.00 GBP

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99th Light Anti-Aircraft Regt RA rare WW2 honour formation sign.

A rare locally made example. Bullion “99” on half navy / half red diamond with bullion edge applied to khaki diamond backing.

Issued by the CO in Italy to those who had fought at Monte Casino.

Code: 1023960

250.00 GBP

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