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Indian Army. WW2 Nagpur District formation badge

Good scarce black edged red square printed with black and yellow cobra. Cotton backed.

Code: 1023963

45.00 GBP

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2nd Anti-Aircraft Division WW2 1st pattern cloth formation sign.

Red witch on broomstick printed on khaki rectangle. Removed from uniform

Code: 1023399

55.00 GBP

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8th Army formation sign on shoulder strap, possible worn by Polish soldier,

Good scarce khaki strap with formation sign, central cross in gold wire. One or two moth nips.

Code: 1018688

32.00 GBP

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4 Corps WW2 formation sign

Good heavily embroidered black elephant on red felt rectangle. Minor service wear

Code: 1023961

45.00 GBP

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99th Light Anti-Aircraft Regt RA rare WW2 honour formation sign.

A rare locally made example. Bullion “99” on half navy / half red diamond with bullion edge applied to khaki diamond backing.

Issued by the CO in Italy to those who had fought at Monte Casino.

Code: 1023960

250.00 GBP

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301st Infantry Brigade rare WW2 cloth formation sign.

A good rare example. Blue printed crossed cannon and cannon ball on red canvas. Minor service wear

Formed 15th January 1945 from converted Coast Artillery units hence the design.

Code: 1023959

450.00 GBP

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34th Armoured Brigade WW2 cloth embroidered formation badge

A very fine Dutch embroidered example. Mailed fist and mace on red/yellow/red shield RAC colours.

34th Tank Brigade (CO Brigadier J.N. Tetley until 3.7.1943, then Brigadier W.S. Clarke). Redesignated 34th Armoured Brigade 22.2.1945 whilst in NE Europe.

Code: 1023954

85.00 GBP

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3rd Searchlight Regiment Roal Artillery cloth formation sign

Good scarce Red Hand of Ulster embroidered on khaki felt rectangle

Code: 1023955

65.00 GBP

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COL/17 Bemondsey Bn City of London WW2 Home Guard formation sign

A good example removed from uniform

Commanded by Lt Col J.J. Holdsworth OBE

Code: 1023953


56th Independent Infantry Brigade WW2 cloth formation sign

Good yellow Sphinx on black circle embroidered on yellow felt rectangle.

Code: 1023952


1st Royal Norfolk Regiment WW2 combination formation sign

A good scarce example worn by the Battalion when part of 185th Brigade, 3rd Division

Code: 1023951


5th Royal Berkshire Regiment WW2 combination formation sign

A good scarce example worn by the Battalion when part of 163rd Brigade, 54th Division

Code: 1023950


WW2 RAMC 21st Army Group GHQ Battledress Badges.

A set of insignia as worn. Comprising: Printed RAMC Titles. .... Pair of printed 21st Army Group Formation Badges. ... Uncut Arm of Service Bar. Some wear

Code: 1023942

50.00 GBP

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WW2 Lincolnshire Home Guard formation sign.

Green Lincoln Imp printed on brown rectangle. Minor glue marks to reverse.

See 93 in ?In the space of a single day? Insignia and Uniforms of the LDV and Home Guard by Mills & Carney

Code: 1023937

65.00 GBP

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5 RTR pair of Royal Tank Regiment epaulette slides.

Black slides bearing red over Cambridge blue tapes.

Disbanded in 1969

Code: 1023936

30.00 GBP

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Indian Army. United Provinces Area WW2 formation sign.

Blue ?Fishes of Oudh? embroidered on red felt disc. Red cotton backing.

Code: 1023934

65.00 GBP

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30 Corps WW2 facing pair of formation signs.

A good embroidered pair removed from a uniform. Some service wear.

Distinguished itself on the drive to Tobruk in November 1941. In 1944 joined 21st Army Group and fought across North Western Europe to the Rhine under its well known CO Lt.Gen Sir Brian Horrocks

Code: 1023927

40.00 GBP

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148th Independent Infantry Brigade WW2 formation sign.

A good scarce example removed from a uniform. Black NM embroidered on green silk rectangle.

Code: 1023914

60.00 GBP

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WW2 GHQ India pair of formation signs.

Yellow five-pointed star embroidered onto centre of red over black horizontally divided rectangle. Aertex backing. Slight moth

Code: 1023913

30.00 GBP

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WW2 Royal Engineers Printed Badges etc

Embroidered panel bearing pair of printed titles, pair of Transport Training Centre RE (Longmoor) printed formation signs, rank stars, service chevrons, nullion blazer badge

Code: 1022550


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