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Home Guard Bomb Disposal WW2 sleeve badge

Good scarce red disc printed with crossed bombs issued from August 1943 until Stand-down.

Code: 1024025


Special Air Service WW2 one SAS soldier's insignia.

A rare opportunity to obtain one unknown 2nd SAS WW2 soldier's beret badge, shoulder title and wing. Understandably all three with some service wear

Code: 1024008

2400.00 GBP

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Special Air Service cloth SAS beret badge

A good early post war example. Slight moth.

Designed by Cpl. Tait, MM and Bar. Approved by David Stirling and General Auchinleck.

Code: 1024002


44th Indian Airborne Division WW2 parachute wing

A good padded white parachute flanked by light blue wings with central fleck heavily embroidered on black cloth. Sewn to pinback brass bar

Code: 1023996


SAS WW2 Special Air Service scarce 1944 cloth parachute qualification/Operations wing.

A fine late war padded example with black closely woven hessian backing.

Code: 1023994


18th Division scarce WW2 printed formation sign.

Black stylised windmill blades printed on yellow square.Old tape to reverse

Comprised Territorials from Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire most of whom were captured by the Japanese in February 1942 at the fall of Singapore.

Code: 1023981

65.00 GBP

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Somerset Light Infantry cloth pagri badge.

Green square bearing yellow heavily embroidered strung bugle surmounted by a Mural Crown; a scroll inscribed ?Jellalabad? arching above the Crown; ?PA? between the bugle cords.

Code: 1023941


British Army Shallow Water Diver?s cloth qualification badge.

Yellow diver's helmet over SW embroidered on khaki

Code: 1023887

15.00 GBP

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Best Shot of Sergeant?s in a Regiment pre War cloth arm badge

Buff embroidered crown over crossed rifles resting in laurel sprays

Code: 1023886

125.00 GBP

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Malayan Scouts / 22 Special Air Force SAS embroidered cloth parachute wings.

Fine scarce padded embroidered example with hessian backing.

Code: 1023875


WW1 French Wounded Emergency Fund (FWEF) rare WWI cloth badge.

A rare example, now with a few moth nips

Code: 1023213

120.00 GBP

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Special Air Service scarce WW2 SAS cloth parachute qualification / operations wing

A good variation of the embroidered wartime padded example

Code: 1023821